Residential and Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Do you need a Professional Carpet Cleaning company in Reno & Sparks, NV?

At Sierra Steamer, we use a powerful, truck-mounted carpet cleaning system that delivers great cleaning results. Our carpet cleaning machines are some of the most current models in the industry, allowing us to deliver precise heat and powerful vacuum force for better cleanings.

Our cleaning products are safe for your home, environment and health. We use high grade cleaning products and take pride in our processes. We have equipment and tools to complete deep, effective, powerful carpet cleaning solutions and options for your home.

For our commercial and professional office customers, Sierra Steamer offers two types of carpet cleaning processes. 

1.) One process we offer is hot water extraction. 

2.) Another option for cleaning we offer is referred to low moisture cleaning. 

The machines we use for our low moisture cleanings can be moved virtually anywhere and drastically reduce the impact on your business and customers. Dry times for carpeting are much faster with our low moisture cleanings, usually within an hour, and our prices are very competitive.

Regardless of which cleaning process you need for your commercial carpet cleaning, we will work hard to get you great results. Be sure to ask about our worry-free maintenance cleanings for your commercial needs as well.

3 Carpet Cleaning Myths

Trust us as Your Carpet Cleaners in Reno and Sparks, NV

1.) Wait as long as you can to have your carpet cleaned:
Not a good idea! By the time those wear patterns become annoying and pronounced, and the dirt is really looking built up - you may have waited too long to have your carpets cleaned. This is true in both residential and commercial carpeting. Industry standards for almost all carpeting is a cleaning every 6 - 18 months. In our area, we say more like 6 -12 months. Regular cleanings will help prolong the life and look of your carpets, and also make your carpets a healthier environment. We help to remove carpet beetles, dust mites, allergens and bacteria. Adding a protector to your carpets can also be helpful.

2.) Having my carpet cleaned leaves a residue that attracts more dirt:
Here are some facts: Some carpet cleaning methods, products, and other cleaning companies can in-fact leave a soap residue that causes dirt and dust to stick to the carpet fibers. The processes and products we use have been refined, reworked and improved dramatically. The Carpet & Rug Institute, the IICRC, as well as some major carpet manufacturers now recommend hot water, truck-mounted extraction cleaning as the suggested method of cleaning for residential carpeting. Major manufacturers for commercial carpeting may recommend, or require, more of a dry cleaning process. Be aware: carpet cleaning companies, other than Sierra Steamer, frequently leave that soapy residue behind after their cleanings. Home cleaning machines will almost always leave that same residue. Sierra Steamer uses products and processes that drastically reduce or eliminate these issues and our cleanings often stay cleaner longer.

3.) Professional carpet cleaning is bad for my carpet:
It is not bad, in fact, it is great for your carpets. Even professional carpet cleaners battle with pros and cons, and the good and bad of carpet cleaning. There are issues that can arise from carpet cleaning, upholstery, and tile. At Sierra Steamer we are aware and conscientious about these issues. Our cleaning staff will always do our best to inform our customers about issues that may arise. We also understand that many of these potential problems can be avoided with proper cleaning techniques and a little bit of common sense. Maybe you have even had a bad experience or two with other companies, let Sierra Steamer show you our differences in cleanings and help to ease your worries.

Residential Carpet Re-stretch

If your carpets have “bubbles” or “ripples” anywhere in the room, you may notice that these become worse over time. This rippling can become a safety hazard, causing trips and falls within the home. Additionally, carpet bubbles or ripples can be a bit of an eye sore. Sierra Steamer can help remove these carpet ripples by re-stretching the carpet in the affected areas. A majority of the time these ripples are caused by poor installation, but wear from walking in the home can worsen these ripples as well. Don’t deal with the safety and cosmetic issues from this rippling, call us today to get a quote on fixing the carpet ripples or bubbles in your home!

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